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The Steak for Breakfast Podcast is ending a busy week with a news-packed edition of the show. We get into the disbandment of the Ministry of Truth with Save America’s own, Christina Bobb, bring you an America First interview with OH Congressional Nominee, Max Miller and wading through four New Blocks to deliver you the top stories from the week that was.


One of our favorite reoccurring guests and great friend of the Podcast, Christina Bobb of Save America was back on the show today. We catch up on the craziness that has been the start of the midterm election season and give commentary on the end of the Disinformation Governance Board.


America First Republican U.S. House nominee, Max Miller (OH-7) joins us on the podcast for the first time today. We discuss the big success and eventual win in the Republican Primary for the former Trump WH official before extensively diving into the major issues affecting the nation that have become the centerpiece of Max’s campaign.


With the national price of gas at a record high and showing no evidence of leveling off or lowering, the Biden Administration doubles down on their America Last energy polices that are currently destroying American families. We break down just how we got here and who is fighting up on Capitol Hill on our behalf.


The Senate passed the $40 bBillion dollar Ukraine spending bill this week. With only Republican 11 Senators casting a No vote. We analyze just how harmful this bill is for the America People, and discuss how passing these funds harms the American taxpayer moving forward.


The WHO is kicking off their global summit on pandemic responses this week. As the gang at Davos and the World Economic Forum makes a major play to control the worlds medical freedom, we start our coverage of this disturbing narrative.


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