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The Steak for Breakfast Podcast is back this week bringing everything you need to get caught up on all the weekends news, circle back with two America First candidates and learn how we can do more to combat the fake news narratives and the radical lefts, progressive agenda.


We begin todays show circle back with one of our favorite guests: Content Creator, Producer and the movements Tony Stark - Vish Burra. We get caught up with Vish before talking about several of the races and candidates pertaining to the current midterm elections.


Everything is racist, or so the Biden Administration would have you believe. Our first News Block is examining the current political climate after a violent weekend across the nation.


Current OH-9 Nominee and big America First candidate, JR Majewski is back with us today on the show. We hear all about the amazing primary experience that JR led through his district, about his win two weeks ago, his recent event with President Trump and what’s next for one of our favorite MAGA future House Reps.


The State of New Jersey is heading into their primary on June 7th and NJ-4 candidate Mike Crispi is on today for a full campaign update. Mike is running one of the strongest America First races nationwide and is primed to knock RINO incumbent, Chris Smith from his seat come June.


We’ve got a News Mash segment for News Block two, and we are talking about the baby formula shortage, the Ukraine Spending Bill, Roe v. Wade and more.


The Chairman of the Patriot Freedom Project, Cynthia Hughes joins us today for the first time. We talk about the amazing work that her non-profit is doing to support and save those who have been ensnared by the Jan. 6 narrative and what we can do to help the organization moving forward in their efforts.


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