Show Notes

The Steak for Breakfast Podcast is ending the week with a huge episode of the show! Five amazing guests join us today and we’re bringing you two News Blocks that will take you patriotically into the weekend.


We kick off the show with back to back interview segments - great friend of Steak for Break and former Trump Administration Chief of Staff to the DOD, Kash Patel as back with us today. We’re talking NHL Playoffs, all things Durham, setting up a summer trip to Bedminster to visit Donald Trump and Kash verifies our Truth Social account live on the show.


Former Georgia Senator, and current Gubernatorial candidate for the Peach State, Senator David Perdue joined us today for the first time. We’re talking election integrity, the U.S. Southern Border and all things related to the heated primary matchup between the former Senator and incumbent RINO Governor Brian Kemp.


As the current inflation rate rose again this month, the Biden administration continues to place blame on everyone from Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, to transitory whatever and the GOP. We break down the current state of Build Back Better and hear from several of our favorite House Reps and Senators.


The former NYPD Commissioner and New York Times best-selling author, Bernard Kerik joins us for the first time today. We break down the blockbuster documentary from Dinesh D’Souza, “2000 Miles.” We also touch on making Back the Blue Great Again and how the Biden DOJ has weapons federal law enforcement against the MAGA base.


America First Senatorial candidate running in the open seat in Oklahoma, Alex Gray joins Steak for Breakfast for the first time today. The former Trump Administration Chief of Staff to the National Security Council talks about his motivation to run for Senate, his experiences in the White House and some of the pivotal issues affecting both The Sooner State and the nation.


Senator Rand Paul was able to stop the the proposed Ukraine spending bill yesterday, however we have full analysis of where this bill started and where our lawmakers want to see it go if not for the Kentucky Senator.


Constitutional Attorney, NewsMax contributor and great friend of the show Ameer Benno was back with us today on the podcast. We break down the impending Roe v. Wade decision, discuses the start of the Sussman trial and the logistics of possible impeachment for DHS Secretary Mayorkas following the midterm elections.


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