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The Steak for Breakfast Podcast is ending the week with a big show that’s packed with three of the biggest news stories happening right now. We are sitting down with a former Trump WhIte House Administration advisor, are joined by by a great friend of the show for co-hosting duties and have an America First interview that will catch you up to speed and get you informed heading into the weekend.


U.S. Department of Homeland Security Chief, Alejandro Mayorkas was back on Capitol Hill this week, this time before the U.S. Senate. We’ll hear his remarks and breakdown the grilling he received from both the Senate Democrats and Republicans.


Former Trump WH advisor and current Host of “This is Your Country” podcast, Paige Willey joins us for the first time today. We hear about her time serving in the administration and have a great conversation about the current state of  nation. We also discuss the upcoming 2022 midterm elections.


Great friend of the show and former NY-24 candidate Andrew McCarthy is back with us today to cohost for the backend of the news. Donald Trump-backed candidates scored major wins in the OH primaries this week and we are examining just how big of a victory this was for the 45th President of the United States, and the overall America First movement.


Former Missouri Governor and current U.S. Senate candidate, Eric Greitens is back with us on the podcast today. We get a full update from the campaign trail and discuss some of the major issues affecting the nation from Eric who is running one of the strongest America First races in the country.


As the impending decision from SCOTUS that will overturn Roe v. Wade nears, we see the radical left beginning to melt down and try to make this a 2022 midterm election issue. We hear as both sides of the isle lay their case on to just how critical (or not) this topic will be come November.


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