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The Steak for Breakfast Podcast is closing out a busy news week with a huge Friday edition of the show. We have got 3 big News Blocks that cover a massive amount breaking news coming out of the Beltway and two America First Interviews with quite possibly the biggest candidates running for the U.S. House and Senate in the 2022 midterm elections.


The U.S. Department of Homeland Security chief, Alejandro Mayorkas was up on Capitol Hill this week, being grilled for the crisis on the Southwest Border. We will hear the best audio clips from the committee including TX House Rep. Chip Roy and FL Rep. Matt Gaetz and give full analysis from the hearings.


Former Collegiate Heisman Trophy winner from UGA, NFL great, small business owner, mental health advocate and great friend of Donald Trump, Herschel Walker joined us on the podcast for the first time today. The current Republican U.S. Senatorial candidate from Georgia has opened up a massive lead in the primary and a decisive lead in the general election race against incumbent radical Democrat, Raphael Warnock. Hershel gives us an update from the campaign trial and tackles several of the biggest issues currently affecting the nation.


The Biden Administration announced earlier this week that they were rolling out the Disinformation Governance Board, as part of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. As we inch closer to literally living through the movie 1984 (and the Ministry oF Truth), we discuss the huge red flags that this board poses, it’s radical, progress chief, in addition to the best highlights coming out of the Beltway.


U.S. House candidate running in WA-3 and great friend of Steak for Breakfast, Joe Kent was back for his fifth time on the show today. Joe gives us an update from the campaign trail before breaking down some of the biggest items from the current news cycle. Russia and Ukraine, the Southern Border, Ministry of Truth and U.S. House Leadership after the midterm election are some of the items we’re breaking down with the America First House candidate.


We wrap the show with a New Mash segment that features highlights from inside the Beltway this week, including Tony Blinken testifying before committee, a rundown of Nancy Pelosi’s disconnection with the America voters and Joe Biden vapor locks talking about Russian Kleptocracy.


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