Show Notes

The Steak for Breakfast Podcast is back following the weekend with quite possibly our largest show to date. Great friend of the show, Geisha Montes is in for guest hosting duties today and we’re bringing you four, big America First interviews.


Elon Musk has finally achieved his acquisition of twitter in an unprecedented move. News Block 1 focuses in on the purchase and its potential, some red flags and the Legacy Media meltdown that’s followed it.


America First Senatorial candidate from the Battleground State of Arizona, Blake Masters is back on the show today. We get a full campaign update, talk about the upcoming Republican primary and Blake’s hot takes on some of the biggest midterm issues.


Former U.S. Army Ranger, Super Bowl Champion as a member of the New England Patriots and America First Senatorial candidate Jake Bequette joins us for the first time today. His primary challenge to incumbent any RINO, John Boozman is heating up, and Jake gives us a full rundown of his current battle for power in the U.S. Senate.


Donald Trump rocked Delaware, Ohio this past weekend at a Save America Rally, and we’ve got our signature Steak for Breakfast soup to nuts coverage of the event for News Block 2.


America First primary challenger to incumbent Rep. Thomas Massie, Claire Wirth (KY-4) joins us for the first time today. Claire lays out her campaign platform for our audience and talks about the logistics of running a real Trump-era policy-heavy campaign looks like deep in the heart of Mitch McConnell land.


Kevin McCarthy’s comments following Jan. 6th 2021 continue to cycle through the news ahead of the NYT new hit-piece book set for release via leaked audio. We touch on that and  the impeding end of Title-42 down at the Southern Border in News Block 3.


The man looking to represent GA-10 after the midterm elections, Mike Collins is back on the podcast today. Mike has been involved in conservative politics his entire adult life and is running one of (if not the most) America First campaigns nationwide. We get a full update and talk about his head to head matchup with career democrat Vernon Jones.


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