Show Notes

The Steak for Breakfast Podcast is closing out the week with one of our dearest friends and favorite guests while delivering all the commentary you can handle regarding this weeks biggest news stories and more.


Author, Patriot and Podcast host, Noor Bin Ladin was back in the studio with us today. We always have such an amazing time with Noor - she is very dialed into American politics and the Patriot movement. We take some time to discuss her most recent article, “Another Look at 1/6” as collaborative effort with Darren Beattie of Revolver news that covers the treatment of the political prisoners from January 6th. Her article has even drawn the attention of the United Nations, paying homage to Noor’s writing credibility.


Noor stays with our for our first News block, and we go through the current State of the Union. We highlight Jen Psaki’s week, as she prepares to leave the Biden administration in May, hear from Joe Biden (from what we can make of it) and Donald Trump speaking on how MAGA is alive and better, than ever before.


Great friend of the show, Alan Jacoby, the CEO of the Patriot Podcast Network and the host of the Great Divide jumped in with us this afternoon and stayed on for the back end of the show assuming guest hosting duties.


Our second news blocks examines the big failures of the Corporate Media, where just this week we have witnessed Netflix stocks drop over 40%, CNN+ is cancelled after only 21 days as a streaming service and Spotify cancels the Obama’s Podcast its inaugural season. Barack is so up in arms over his Netflix shares tanking that he goes on a rant comparing Steve Bannon to Vladimir Putin.


We conclude the week with a New Mash segment for our third block. We hear from AOC, Big Nancy Pelosi, Donald Trump Jr. who’s on the campaign trail stumping for Eric Greitens and JD Vance, we listen to the leaked Liz Cheney and Kevin McCarthy phone call from shortly after January 6th and Joe Biden assures us that this is MAGA Country.


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