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The Steak for Breakfast Podcast is back after the weekend with a news-loaded, Tuesday Edition of the show. With two, huge America First interviews and three packed news blocks, we’ve got everything you need to start your week more informed.


The Donald Trump, Save America Tour rolled into Selma, North Carolina this weekend and before a packed crowd, delivered a rally in only the fashion that the 45th President could. We break it down, and lend analysis.


Former Missouri Governor, and current America First Senatorial candidate Eric Greitens is back on Steak for Breakfast today. We catch-up on all of the legal wins he’s compiled recently, and touch on a few of the major issues heating up right now like: the U.S. Southern Border and the end of Title-42. We also get a full update from the campaign trail.


As Jen Psaki’s time serving in the Biden Administration continues to wind down, she day in, and day out tries to stay ahead of the news narrative by providing spin that deflects from all the disasters this regime has initiated We’ll hear her, and then Joe Biden is coming after your guns in our second news block.


With the midterm elections drawing near, we’ve got an America First interview with FL-27 candidate, Frank Polo today. Well versed in  all things immigration, Frank brings his platform to our audience and talks real solutions for the immigration crisis. Jobs and crime are also huge components of Frank’s campaign and he goes through the issues that are important to the citizens of Miami-Dade County, and what clearly separates him from RINO incumbent, Maria Salazar.


In a News Mash for our third block, we’re heading back down to the Southern Border, are breaking down the insanity happening in Shanghai, touch briefly on the Hunter Biden laptop and examine the reality of impeachment with Kevin McCarthy.


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