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Steak for Breakfast is wrapping the week with a packed show featuring some of the biggest influencers in the conservative movement, one of our favorite America First candidates and three big news features to take you informedly into the weekend.


We jump right into the show today with a big, big interview. Although we have highlighted his endeavors with Congressman Matt Gaetz and on War Room Pandemic, Vish Burra is now Executive Producer of Common Ground Studios through the Logan Circle Group, LLC. We have a wide-ranging discussion regarding all the stops Vish has made, his accomplishments along the way, the pulse of the nation and some elements regarding the midterm elections.


The Biden administration has been busy this week, whether it be getting new SCOTUS pick, KBJ confirmed, having Barack Obama stop by or everyone catching covid, allow us to examine and break down the current State of the Union.


In more of a family-oriented America First interview, we are joined today by both Robby (TN-5) and Landon Starbuck. Although we hit on a couple of the crucial campaign items, we take a deeper look into the intricacies of their relationship, the struggles that they have endured along the campaign trail, the war on our children and the bond that makes them such a formidable force in the Save America movement. They even give us a little Candice Owens-related Steaksclusive today on the show!


The Hunter Biden laptop scandal continues to heat up and as the Legacy Media begins to see thief original narrative slip away, we’re delivering all of the up to the minute news regarding it.


Great friend of Amanda Milius, Kash Patel and Erica Knight, Daniel Bostic joins us for the first time today. He goes into detail the narrative that surrounds his current January 6th case and the big inconsistencies with the allegations and what actually occurred that day. We also touch on the midterm elections and the handsomeness level of WA-3 hopeful, Joe Kent (one of our favorites).


We conclude the news week with a teaser leading up to the impeding crisis along our Southern Border. We hear a few hot takes from some of the major players and give our analysis ahead of the end of Title 42.


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