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It’s Friday and the Steak for Breakfast Podcast is back to close out the week with one of our biggest episodes to date. We’re bringing you three huge News segments and continuing on with our America First Roundtable Series with two of the most Patriotic members of the Trump administration. 


After more than 500 days out of the news cycle due to being dubbed: “Russian Disinformation” the Hunter Biden laptop is taking center stage up on Capitol Hill. Rep. Matt Gaetz lowers the boom and enters its contents into the congressional record - and we’re breaking it down. 


Former Chief of Staff to the DOD and special advisor to President Trump, Kash Patel is back with us today. Also joining us is the Producer and Director of “The Plot Against the President” documentary and former U.S. State Department Official Amanda Milius is returning with us as well. In what may have been some of the best content we have ever recorded, there were more than a few memorable moments made in this “don’t want to miss” America First Roundtable. 


The Dubai hosted the WEF and the “World Government Summit this week. We’ll break down some of the most alarming content from the event.


Whether he’s blaming President Trump, Vladimir Putin or covid, Joe Biden can’t catch a win. As the administrative state continues to abandon him, we analyze his deflections for the administration’s failed policies on green energy and a weak jobs report. 


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