Show Notes

The Steak for Breakfast Podcast is back after the weekend with an absolutely packed Tuesday edition of the show to get your week kicked-off off right. 


The Hunter Biden Laptop seems to be legitimate and real (we knew). What do we know now, and how long ago did we know it for? We’ll have a discussion on it during our first news segment. 


Former Trump Administration Ambassador to Denmark, and current America First Senatorial candidate out of Pennsylvania Carla Sands is with us today. We get an update on the campaign, talk foreign policy and get some insider commentary regarding current Beltway politics from the Ambassador. 


CEO of the Patriot Podcast Network, Alan Jacoby jumps on show today to talk about the network launch on the Roku App. Alan gives us an update and we tease the upcoming coming show featuring Alan and the Steak for Breakfast crew - The Great Steak Breakfast. 


Trump was making the rounds this past weekend, from the American Freedom Tour in Florida to the Sunday morning news shows, and we’ve got full coverage. 


NewsMax Host of the John Bachman Show, John Bachman joined us on the podcast today for the first time. John Gives so great insight into what it’s like working in the independent media today and some takes on the Russia and Ukraine conflict and the Southern Border. Of course we get into the Meme Team segment on his show as well. 


Third segment covers a few stories of  interest in the news, namely: Russia and Ukraine nears a month in, the SCOTUS nominee hearings are underway, and some telling clips from Biden and Harris. 


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