Show Notes

We’re dropping a MAGA-packed, Tuesday edition of the Steak for Breakfast Podcast; tracking three major stories to compliment our three amazing guests. 


Fresh off the weekend, we see that the Russia and Ukraine conflict continues to dominate the news cycle. We share and discuss several angles that the legacy media is trying to prop up (it’s Trump’s fault and he’s a Russian asset), as maybe some of the more important ones are being repressed (bio labs and punishing Russia for Ukraine while dealing trilaterally dealing with the Soviet nation to broker an Iran deal).


National security analyst, NYT best-selling author and Chairman of, Brigitte Gabriel is with us on the show today for the first time. We break down a massive amount of news developing right now both domestically and abroad; and get some of the hottest takes from one of the most influential  firebrands in the Save America movement.


Florence, South Carolina was rocking on Saturday night, mainly because President Trump was hosting a massive rally in the Palmetto State. We break down the highlights. 


Trump endorsed, Maryland gubernatorial candidate, Dan Cox joined us today. We break down the work he’s done at the state level, how’s he’s transformed that into a run for the governorship and his full America First platform. 


The war on the middle class continues and we’re tracking with commentary the continuing assault on the American middle class. 


America First candidate Cait Corrigan joins us for the first time today. She breaks the news that she is switching to NY-1 in the race for the U.S. House seat there, and gives us a rundown of her strong campaign platform. 


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