Show Notes

We are wrapping up another news week with a big Friday edition of Steak for Breakfast. We’re joined by a seated U.S. Congresswoman, have two America First interviews and are breaking down a ton of developing news stories.


Getting into the new, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine has officially entered its theirs week. The fog or war is thick and we’re now learning that the U.S. government may have been funding and operating bioweapon research labs inside of Ukraine. We break it down.


U.S. House Representative, Beth Can Duyne (TX-24) joins us for the first time today. We get a real perspective of the climate in D.C. at the moment, some of the things that the republicans are working for on behalf of the American people right now, and discuss the upcoming midterm elections.


Everyone get on the bus; it’s the Omnibus and it’s coming through. In one of the most wasteful pieces of legislation since the Covid Relief Bill we’re taking a look at the budget for the rest of the year and giving our commentary on its specifics.


ER Nurse turned America First candidate running in NC-4, Courtney Geels is joining us for the first time today. She gives up a complete campaign update and gives some great insight on the pandemic.


The War on the Middle Class rages on and we are continuing to paint the narrative that is clearly becoming the focal point of the Biden Administration and the radical, progressive left.


For Navy Seal and business owner running for a U.S. House Seat in AZ-2, Eli Crane joins us for the first time today. We have a great discussion on the state of the nation and the how Special Operator veterans like himself add the massive serviceman turnout in the 2022 midterms.


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