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We’re closing out the week with a big episode of the Steak for Breakfast Podcast. In this episode of the show, we’re covering three developing news narratives, we’re bringing you two segments featuring first time guests and one America First interview that’s going to take you into the weekend more informed, “than ever before.”


Joe Biden gave his first State of the Union address and boy did he not disappoint. After a preamble that included a tribute to the United States of Ukraine, the commander-in-you-know-the-thing failed to highlighting a single achievement in his first 14 months in office. Biden called for unity under the guise of covid ending in the same breath that he announced DOJ investigations in to pandemic relief fraud. He called for the borders to be closed and for the opioid crisis to be addressed in an “I copied your homework and changed it a little” style STOU.


Erica Knight is a political consultant and advisor who has strong ties to Trumpworld. She’s currently representing several America First candidates including Adam Laxalt (NV) and is doing coordination for the USA Freedom Trucker Convoy. She joined us today and we had an excellent conversation with her. 


The Russia and Ukraine conflict continues to heat up. Lucky for us here stateside that our elected officials are working hard to deescalate the situation; with everyone from cable news personalities to senators calling for everything from No-Fly Zones, to air strikes and even for the assassination of Vladimir Putin.


We have an America First interview with OH-9 House candidate JR Majewski for the first time today. We get a campaign update then dive into some of the issues greatly affecting the district.


Has the Biden administration really pivoted since laying out a less America Last agenda at the SOTU address, however, we quickly see more of the same from both House and Senate  dems and republicans in their continued


The Executive Director for the Republicans for National Renewal, Mark Ivanyo joined us today on the show. We discussed the organization, the midterm elections and community organizing.


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