Show Notes

We’ve got a mega-sized Tuesday edition of the Steak for Breakfast Podcast for you today, complete with full news coverage including Donald Trump at CPAC, a huge America First Roundtable and a big America First standalone interview.


As we close out the first seven days since Russia invaded Ukraine, we’re breaking down the military operation with up to the minute updates while filtering through the narratives and take a deeper look into the overall backstory of this developing situation.


The next in our Steak for Breakfast series of America First Roundtable edition has us sitting down with Mike Collins (GA-10) and Robby Starbuck (TN-5). We get updated on both candidates primary campaigns and hit on everything from Russia, China, the SOTU and more.


CPAC wrapped up Sunday, and we’ve got a full analysis of the event. We pregame with a couple of the notables from the main stage and bring it home with a large segment on Donald Trump’s keynote address.


The Trump endorsed candidate looking to represent (WA-3) in the midterm elections, Joe Kent is back on Steak for Breakfast today. Joe gives us a campaign update, talks about his head-to-head race with Caroline Herrera-Butler then lays out all the major issues effecting the nation include a long piece on Russia and Ukraine.


Our last news piece previews Joe Biden’s first State of the Union Address. We’ll be tuning in and have a full breakdown on our Friday edition of the show.


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