Show Notes

We are wrapping up the week with a huge episode of the Steak for Breakfast Podcast. In addition to three America First candidate interviews on the slate today, we’re bringing you all the information and commentary you need to get you up to speed on the out of control news cycle. 


Russia blows past the “minor incursion” narrative, and all-out invades Ukraine. This is a minute by minute developing situation and we do our best to paint it fully for you. 


Nevada gubernatorial candidate, Michele Fiore  joined us for the first time today on the show. Her America First platform stresses election integrity, strong borders, preserving the 2nd amendment and ending CRT. She breaks it all down for us in a fiery interview. 


Joe Biden’s response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine came in the form of a rare presser followed by Q & A. 


One of our great friends, and now newly announced House candidate running for NJ-3, Ian Smith is back on Steak for Breakfast today. We cover the campaign rollout and what lies ahead for the man behind the Atillis Gym. 


CPAC kicked off on Thursday and we’re bringing you some of the best sound bites from Day 1 of the conservative summit. 


And senatorial candidate from the great state of Oklahoma, Jackson Lahmeyer joins us for the first time today. The Pastor and small business owner lays out his Faith, Family and Freedom platform and the courage it’s going to Make America Great Again. 


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