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We are kicking off the week with an all-new, Tuesday edition of the Steak for Breakfast Podcast! We’re bringing you three big America First candidate interviews and are joined today by two major MAGA influencers for your listening pleasure.


The dominating force in the news cycle throughout the weekend was the border crisis between Russia and Ukraine. We get some hot takes from all the parties involved and give our best analysis regarding this developing situation.


America First candidate running in the newly announced CO-8 district Jewels Gray was our first guest on the show today. A huge 2A advocate that gives off big Lauren Boebert vibes, looks like a great insertion into the race that will eventually lead to a U.S. House seat.


Strategic advisor and Special Assistant to President Trump and part of the War Room pose and MAGA movement, Boris Epshteyn joined us on the show for the first time today. We talk Election integrity and breakdown the forecast in both the House and Senate, as it was great sitting down with one of the most influential advocates for America First out there.


Bob Burns, running to represent NH-2 was up next on Steak for Breakfast today. Bob has been around politics his whole life and he’s rolled those experiences into a strong kickoff to his Save America campaign.


We take a deep dive into the attacks that are being conducted on the America First and MAGA movement and give some insight on the multi-layered assault on the movement coming from globalists all the way down to state elections.


The New York Young Republican Club President and NewsMax contributor, Gavin Wax also joined us on the podcast today. Gavin lays out all the cards on the table that are at stake in the 2022 midterms and how advocacy, involvement and the grassroots momentum are all key elements to ensuring that the America First movement is successful in November.


Tony Cowden running to represent NC-13 and the Army Special Forces veteran is looking to make America Operator Represented in Congress again. Tony is dialed in to the issues that greatly impact North Carolina like the economy, job and national defense is ready to bring his wealth of knowledge to the beltway.


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