Show Notes

We have a huge Friday edition of the Steak for Breakfast Podcast on deck and you better grab your popcorn because this episode is packed with more news and information than you can handle.


We jump right into the current news cycle and take a look at what appears the be the end of Truckapalooza from Ottawa, Canada. Using emergency executive powers, Justin Trudeau unleaded the police on the trucker convoy in an attempt to end the two week mandate protest.


Political strategist, consultant and the man behind  Look Ahead America, Matt Braynard is back with us today on the show. The former Trump campaign Data Director lays out all the amazing grassroots things that his organization is doing across the country we dive into the America First movement and talk midterm elections.


The state of the union right now is shaky, and we touch on several items affecting the nation right now like: te economy, inflation, America Last policies, Russia and Ukraine and the Durham Investigation.


The cofounder of the Tea Party and former Presidential Speech writer, Michael Johns joins Steak for Breakfast today for the first time. in this Save America conversation, Michael brilliantly breaks down and deconstructs the road to socialism that the country has been on, the grassroots and America First movement, the administrative state, and where we go from here.


Covid is over! (No really, it is) It’s nearly time for the midterm elections and you know that means pulling back the progressive lefts tyrannical grip on the country, so that everyone can forget the pandemic by November.


U.S. House candidate, Mallory Staples stopped by today for the first time on the show. She gives her amazing backstory which includes police, first responder, military and widow advocacy groups. Mallory then recalls her recent trip down the the Southern Border and how the things that she saw has left a lasting impression. Wrk also touch on national defense.


We wrap the show with the Return of Hillary as she was the key ire speaker at the New York Democratic Conference this week. Spoiler alert: lots of talk of racism, Jan. 6 and Donald Trump still living rent free in her head.


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