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We’re kicking off the week with a huge episode of the Steak for Breakfast Podcast and we are bringing you a ton of news that happened over the weekend in addition to four amazing guests to help shape the narrative of the news that’s important to you.


We begin our recap of the weekends big stories by directing some attention to our friends to North, the Canadian truckers. As Truckapalooza continues to stand tall in the face of their tyrannical dictator, Justin Trudeau invokes more emergency powers aimed at freezing bank accounts and even mobilizing the military against the peaceful mandate protestors.


Acclaimed journalist and former Trump administration official, Darren Beattie joins us for the first time on the show today. The man behind the Revolver News dives into January 6 with us, touches on the democrats plans to stop the America First movement in the midterm elections and beyond and discusses what’s really behind the narrative that DHS pushed out last week in regarding the (non) domestic terror alert.


As tensions between Russia, Ukraine and the U.S. continue to heat up, we weed through the narratives that make the most sense of of the situation.


America First candidate Roland Lopez TX-38 joined us on the show today to talk about his campaign platform. A true conservative that is strong on the border, wants to reinvigorate the economy and energy sector of Texas and is a stanch advocate of the 2nd amendment.


Former Trump appointee and candidate running in PA-8, Jim Bognet also joined us today for the first time on Steak for Breakfast. Since announcing his candidacy Jim has called for strong immigration reform which includes a moratorium. He’s recently blown the lid off of the Biden administration proposed resettling of 500 unvetted Afghan refugees into his district. Jim gave some great takes on national defense as well, as we were glad to host both of these amazing candidates.


Dr. Zelenko makes his first appearance today on Steak for Breakfast. In an exclusive interview Dr. Z takes us through the pandemic, the dark narrative behind it, what we can do in the face of this globalist initiative and covers all the alternative treatments and therapies that can literally save your life.


We wrap the show breaking down the recent developments in the Durham Investigation. New revelations that we released over the weekend clearly show that not only was candidate Trump spied on by the Clinton campaign and with the help of the intelligence community, we’re now learning President Trump was spied on by the same entities while in the White House.



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