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The Steak for Breakfast Podcast is ending the week on a strong note with one of our most loaded shows to date. With guest hosts, two America First interviews and an All-NY edition roundtable we’ve got all the news that’s important to you covered, and more content that you’ll know what to do with.


Host of the Weekly Briefing on OAN, journalist and great friend of the show, Christina Bobb was back today to do a portion of the news. We examine the news that broke this week which uncovered that elements of the DOJ, Capitol Police, DHS, FBI and CIA have all been surveilling, interdicting mail, investigating and spying on conservative members of the House and Senate and everyday American citizens.


Businesswoman, mother and 6th generation Texan, Suzanne Harp joined us on the show next to roll out her campaign platform. After hitting on some of the major issues facing the nation today and allowing us to get to know her a amazing family, it’s safe to assume that TX-3 will be in good hands after the Texas republican primary on 3/1.


Switching gears we are joined next by Ren, the Raw Egg Nationalist. In an exclusive interview we really take a long, hard look into health, wellbeing and overall fitness as the war on man continues via the Soy Globalists.


We jump back into the news wondering why would the Biden administration try to redirect money from the last covid relief bill to essentially provide drug addicts with fresh, clean crack pipes at the height of the worst opioid crisis that this country has ever known.


A media dunk-fest would ensue, with Senators Johnson, Kennedy, Cruz and FL gov. DeSantis weighing in before we comb through a bumbling montage of sleepy Joe Biden in all his glory. Don’t worry, Nancy Pelosi will try her best to deflect with threats of Russian invasions and reminders of January 6.


We conclude this massive episode of the show with America First, New York edition roundtable discussion featuring midterm election candidates Andrew McCarthy (NY-24) and Desi Cuellar (NY-14). In an amazing segment, we get campaign updates from both of the U.S. House hopefuls, and get hard takes on the Russia And Ukraine standoff, the current state of the militar, economy and incoming stagflation, immigration and the Southern Border and more.



We wrap the show with a best of the rest montage by taking a few shots at CNN’s Brian Stelter, we listen in on a segment from Kash Patel’s interview with President Trump and get refocused on the House floor with representative Matt Gaetz.


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