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The Steak for Breakfast Podcast is coming back fresh after the weekend to bring you up to speed on all the biggest news stories since our Friday show. Get ready to get caught up on all the hot topics affecting the nation and sit back and enjoy a big America First interview.


We dive right into the news with a circle back to a statement that Mike Pence delivered to the Federalist Society last Friday regarding Stop the Steal and January 6th. The fallout from his speech rippled across the weekend talk shows throughout the legacy media as the narrative to pause and review the election results were misconstrued back into the gaslit insurrection narrative.


Big tech and the censor police have honed in on two of the most influential and far reaching voices in the world right now, Tucker Carlson and Noe Rogan. With the legacy media failing in the rating department, everyone from Mark Zuckerberg to the White House are calling for the removal of these voices that typically reach 15 million people a day and beyond.


Arizona senatorial contender and America First candidate, Blake Masters joined us for the first time today to lay out his campaign platform. Masters brings equal parts business and technology experience to his senate run, who’s strong on immigration, tough on crime and sees the growing threat that China poses to the U.S. on the global scale.


The pandemic narrative continues its death spiral as the “science” under paces the government overreach, lock down measures and federalized mandates. Watch as the radical, progress left tries to distance themselves just in time for the 2022 midterm elections.


We wrap the show with a best of the rest montage by taking a few shots at CNN’s Brian Stelter, listen in on a segment from Kash Patel’s interview with President Trump and get refocused on the House floor with representative Matt Gaetz.


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