Show Notes

Friday usually means a big show from the Steak for Breakfast Podcast, and although we weren’t loaded with guests today we still have a big America First interview and five full segments of all the news that’s important to you. 


The original creator and former host of the Steak for Breakfast Podcast, Nic was in studio today as he joined us for our 105th episode. It was great to have Nic back for a show; we got an update on his newest podcast endeavor and made for some funny commentary alongside Antoinette, Noah and myself. 


The news cycle was choppy on the back end of the week, and we had to really read between the lines to bring you what we thought were dominating the headlines. The standoff between Russia and Ukraine has cooled off with the Beijing Olympics commencing this week. With pushback from the House, the Senate and the press, the administration had to resort to “Alex Jones type tactics” to try and keep their hope of military intervention alive.


The new leader of ISIS is dead (again) and we broke it all down while providing insight into just how successful of an “operation” the overnight strike in Syria was.


Newly announced candidate looking to represent CA-49, Anne Elizabeth joined us for an America First interview today. We discussed the motivation for her candidacy, dove i to her background and how the campaign rollout has been. Anne talks about the policy issues that are going to be her focus, namely securing the Southern Border, election integrity, and upholding Trump-era policies. 


The pandemic rages on (just kidding) and we talk about the new study from John’s Hopkins University that suggests that lockdowns did absolutely nothing. Shaq makes a guest appearance with commentary regarding mandates. 


CNN is in total collapse and we’re there to breakdown the free fall after Jeff Zucker was fired midweek. 


We wrap the show on a montage that highlights all the things that the radical progressives are focused on and how they have nothing to do with anything that’s important to the average American. 


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