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We’re kicking off the week with a YUGE Tuesday edition of the Steak for Breakfast Podcast. We’re loaded with four great guests today, and are bringing you all the information you need to get caught up after a busy news weekend.


President Trump held a Save America Rally over the weekend in Conroe, Texas. We’ve got cover-to-cover analysis of the President’s speech including several new campaign points.


The next Governor of Arizona, Ms. Kari Lake made her return to the show with a big campaign update. We got an inside look into her speech at the AZ Trump Rally, talked some new policies she’s recently released regarding the Southern Border and the homeless crisis in Arizona. And Kari discloses the real deal about her RINO primary challenger.


We touch on the ongoing crisis along the Southwest Border and give some commentary on recently leaked audios of Secretary Mayorkas and Patrol Chief Ortiz.


Former Missouri Governor and Navy Seal, Eric Greitens joins us next on the show. Since announcing his candidacy for the U.S. Senate in the Show Me State, Eric has picked up steam with his broad and proven platform that embodies America First. We go hard on the Border, National Defense and the Federal vaccine mandates.


The race for the Secretary of State in Arizona is a huge prize come the midterm elections. And we’ve got an exclusive interview with the Trump endorsed, Mark Finchem that you don’t want to miss. We dive into election integrity and the border crisis as part of our largest breakdowns.


Jason “Storm” Nelson may have just announced his campaign to run for a House seat in TX-17 but his service to the nation goes a lot further back than that. The former marine and recently retired Army soldier sits down with us for an in-depth look into what compelled his run, his newly announced  campaign, and his America First Platform.


We wrap with a news montage that takes a look at Truckapalooza, currently happening in Ottawa, Canada and some pandemic roundup featuring more hypocrisy from CA Governor Gavin Newsom and friends.


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