Show Notes

The Friday edition of the Steak for Breakfast Podcast is live, and we’re closing out the week with an America First episode that’s loaded with news, commentary, interviews and more.


Syndicated Radio host and podcaster Alex Abernathy is with us to do the news today on the show. The buildup of Russian troops on the Ukrainian border continues to dominate the news cycle and as the Wagging of the Dog rolls on, we bring you some commentary on all things from the hot zone, including the not so perfect phone call.


Veteran and former Nevada Attorney General and Trump campaign staffer Adam Laxalt is on with us today for an America First interview. The senatorial candidate lays out his campaign platform and weighs in on several of the largest issues that resonate with the people of Nevada and affecting us nationally. It was great to have Adam finally with us on the show and we look forward to having him back.


Supreme Court Justice Breyer announced this week that he will be stepping down before the midterm elections and we’ve got soup to nuts coverage of this newly developing story.


Host of RSBN “Red White & Truth” and U.S. House challenger to incumbent Chris Smith (NJ-4) Mike Crispi joins us to give a complete update on his newly rolled out campaign and the amazing work he’s doing to replace the RINO Republican.


We close out the week with some perspective into the continued bad press for Joe Biden. Everyone from CNN to Gubernatorial candidates and even Charlemagne the God are distancing themselves from the administration in a way like we’ve never seen before.


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